New French Wristband Collection

The Wristbands have arrived!

You have made it possible.

It was probably our biggest project so far and we are happy to see that a lot of you helped us, from Canada to Australia! 600 wristbands have made their way to Paris and are just waiting for you to wear them. We have taken good care of them and chosen the best materials so that the color will resist as long as possible and are not fearing water nor hard training swet. It is meant to last. And it is meant for you. Thank you agin for your warm support to Fuck My Nose. We love you all.

Fuck My Nose - We Eat Babies

Fuck My Nose – We Eat Babies

Fuck My Nose - We Eat Babies

Fuck My Nose – We Eat Babies

Fuck My Nose - French Touch

Fuck My Nose – French Touch

Because we, trickers, are magicians. The Tricking Community has never been so creative. Some moves do not seem real. No wonder why we call non-trickers The Muggles. When we trick, we make the impossible a reality.

The Original French Voodoo Sampler of Anis Cheurfa

Why? Because. The whole Fuck My Nose Spirit. Tricking is being free. And when you are free, you can eat babies if you suddenly feel the need to. Even if you don’t, please do.

PS: It appears that some Australians Aboriginals believed that us, the French, were actually really fond of Eating Babies, according to an Ancient vampire myth.

Because doing it the French way is always better. Softer, Smoother, Sexier, your tricks will be as never before and everyone will suddenly want to have a sexual interaction with you.

I am French, and I have a yacht.Your move.

Special thanks to :

Camille Wrap Mozarella

Capt’n E-Kicktor.


Thibaud W.

Anthony Jazz Hands!

Thomas, Chroniqueur du Z



Thibault TDO!!

Vivien et Diane des Bois





Marco Pikachu

Thomas de l’équipe KissKissBankBank

For your active support all along the project.