Fuck My Nose Madness Wristbands

WE ARE FUCK MY NOSE A French Tricking Team that does Voodoo Magic and who love eating babies. You have asked for new wristbands. And we heard you.. Let’s Make This Happen.

This year, we want to make things good. And they will be good. All wristbands will be DEBOSSED AND COLOR FILLED. Which basically means a longer lasting design THAT WILL NOT FADE :D And it is good looking. Sexy. Really sexy.

Fuck My Nose Voodoo Magic!! So you can summon Gods Of Tricking to protect you against injuries!

Fuck My Nose We Eat Babies!

Really?! What world do you live in?

Fuck My Nose French Touch.

Because The French do it different. You know we do.  

Fuck My Nose is making new Wristbands! Better Than Ever Before

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